Inuit Transportation

 above is a pack dog

                    Inuit people had two ways of transporting. The first way is by Inuit dog sleds. When the first Inuit arrived in North America, they brought dogs with them. The dogs that pulled the sleds are called husky’s. They are used for traveling in the snow. They used the huskies because they were actually made for the climate there since it is below 50 degrees there they practically love the winter. Above are huskies taking the sled.

 The dogs helped with hunting. They were able to scare off bears and other threatening animals, and they could also help sniff and locate seals’ breathing holes.  The dogs were also used as pack animals, like horses would be used to pull wagons the dogs pulled sleds called “Unieks”.Above is a crampon

The Inuit people also attached spikes called ‘crampons’ to the bottom of their boots to get more grip when traveling on the ice.Above are Inuits in the Kayaks.

The second way they would travel is by boat. The Inuit people made two types of boats: the kayak and the umiak. Kayaks were small, lightweight boats mainly used for hunting. Kayaks were one-person wood frame boats covered with sealskin. They were built to be lightweight, and good and maneuver in the water.Above is a Umiak.

They were generally used to move from camp to camp, and to hunt larger sea mammals, like whales.Above is a seal skin skirt

Sealskin skirts were wrapped around the occupant’s waist to prevent water from entering the boat.Umiaks were large, open boats mainly used for travel.Umiaks were open, wooden, skin-covered boats.

inuit clothing


Inuit food

Inuits are very skilled hunters and mostly eat meat. There is hardly an vegetation in the arctic. They eat raw, cooked or salted meat. The men go hunting and the women stay home with the children. They hunt and eat almost anything they can find. They relied on animals as there main source of food. They depended solely on plants as food. They were able to hunt all year around, but they usually hunted sea mammals in the winter. Some sea mammals they hunted are seals, walruses, beluga whales, narwhals. Some sea mammals like whales were hunted in the open water.



All the animals they ate were:

caribous , polar bears, seals,beluga whales, walruses, narwhals, muskox, arctic foxes, arctic hares , arctic birds, harp seals, bearded seals, fish, and last but not least the hooded seal.




What some animals were hunted for:

seals: meat and skin

walruses: ivory(tusks)meat (mostly for dogs).

Beluga whales:skin, food that is muntuk, (outer skin and blubber)